We all know that vegetarian cooking is healthy but can something that is good for us also be fun? I want to show you that heatlhy vegetarian cooking can be fun to do and fun to eat.

When we are cooking for children it can be important to be able to make food fun. Even if we want to prepare a meal for ourselves or friends it can add lot to meal if we can make it fun.

Perhaps the most obvious way to make a vegetarian meal fun is to barbecue. A cook out will always be fun, even when it rains. But can vegetarian food be barbecued? The answer to that is yes.

Many vegetables can be grilled on the barbecue. Fresh corn cobs barbecue well, as do peppers. These can be laid directly on the bars of the grill. Tomatoes should be pierced with a sharp knife first to prevent them exploding. Vegetables such as potatoes can be wrapped in aluminum foil and cooked more slowly at the edge of the grill. The same technique can be adopted with many other root vegetables.

Baked carrots, parsnips and sweet potatoes are all delicious done in this way. You can coat them in oil first, add some thyme and garlic cloves and wrap them up in foil parcel. You may like to add some balsamic vinegar to get a really rich taste. Younger palates may prefer a honey glaze.

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