The majority of women color their hair at least once in their lifetime. Some women use hair color because they start to see the signs of grey hairs in the mix on their head, and some women change their color because they want to create a new look. Finding the right hair color is very important if you want to look as good as possible.

One problem with dying your hair is that you will have to continue to dye it as it grows out or get haircuts to get rid of the old portion that is colored. If future haircuts are not in your plans then do not start putting dye onto your tresses.

Choosing a hair color is difficult because you must stay with colors that are acceptable with your skin tone, or you will look unnatural. If you do not care whether the coloring looks natural, like maybe you want lime green hair with purple highlights, then go ahead and put any color in, but if you wish for people to think that the new color might be natural then consider your skin tone.

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